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  • Small Business: Friends and Family As Feedback Providers

    Family support is important to small business success


    Involving Family, Trusted Advisors As Feedback Sources To Keep You And Your Business Sane

    Due to the financial, mental, and time demands of starting?and running a small business, family and friends can either?help or hinder you. Perhaps more important, starting and
    running a business can cause stress for the people close to?you and your relationships with them.

    Here are some perfect?phrases to use to explore these issues with family members?and friends.

    Questions to ask yourself

    • Am I attentive, rather than dismissive, when family/friends?offer solicited feedback?
    • Can I engage in conversations with family members about?issues other than my business?
    • Do I let last-minute business issues interfere with my family?plans or obligations consistently?
    • Am I up-to-date on the lives of my family members and?their individual challenges?
    • Am I making and meeting enough family commitments?
    • Am I still remembering and acknowledging dates special to family members, such as birthdays and anniversaries?

    Here are some phrases you can use to open dialog with family, friends, and trusted advisors.

    • Are we discussing and reviewing our expectations and?relationship issues often enough?
    • I’d like to make sure you (family) understand that we might?have to give up a few things for a year or two.
    • I’m hoping you’ll feel comfortable reining me in if my ideas?get too unrealistic.
    • The best thing you can do is offer suggestions if you think?I’m going off in the wrong direction.
    • You know I tend to be disorganized, so I would greatly?appreciate anything you can do to help organize things
      around here.
    • When I’m working in my office (home),we need to all be a little quieter and not interrupt.
    • Since things are going to be so busy, let’s make sure we all eat together every day and spend some good time together.


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